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Hear what our past students have to say about us...

"Great teacher, wonderful students for me to learn from!"

"Such camaraderie.  Such support & encouragement!"

"The best I've experienced!"

"[The workshop] was well-organized!  It makes it easier to learn when you know where you are going."

"I am the luckiest girl in town!  Your generosity combined with Joan's thoughtfulness has allowed me to experience this tremendous time.  I am so very grateful!  Never, at this stage in my life, would I have thought I could have made or found the time.  I'm so glad that I forced my family to allow me to spend time here."

"Shug is a very good teacher and very inspirational.  I learned a lot that I'll use on future projects."

"I enjoyed the ability to work out issues with another student working on the same thing.  It made me have strength to work through challenges."

"These last five days have been a true gift...I think it is 'how' the information is presented to me.  You explained things in a way that made sense...Your gentle, southern prodding and encouragement instilled in me the courage to move forward and be confidant in my choices."
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